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We’re all about fun traditional and competitive sports. Our experienced coaches train our athletes to reach their highest potentials, and to always have a great time no matter what. See how you can become part of our family and join us at fun events!

Karate Belt


Sport? Tradition? Fitness? We got it!

The bonds that are formed with in our family are life long. We believe that it's these bonds that set our members up for success inside and outside the dojo. 

Through sweaty teamwork and goal oriented training, the whole family can develop confidence and focus while achieving everyone's individual goals. Do you have a crazy busy schedule with multiple kids and multiple appoints? That's not an issue for us! We have classes everyday to ensure something will work with your jam packed schedule.

Wanting to get back into shape? why not get some skills at the same time! Kizuna Karate places huge emphasis on positive mental and physical training. So not only will you be feeling and looking better in the mirrors but you'll gain some lifelong talent that will stay with you forever.  

Kizuna Karate is a proud member of both Karate Alberta and Karate Canada, insuring top level standards are up held through our training philosophy. Take a look at our mainstream karate organizations below!



Born to Compete

Kizuna Karate offers a non-style specific training stream dedicated to preparing our students for local, provincial, national, world, and even Olympic levels of competition. 

With a fully developed, personally adapted yearly training plan every drop of sweat is efficiently planned, tracked and accounted for. Kizuna karate tackles the technical, tactical, strength, conditioning, and mental aspects of competition in their "leave no board un-broken," approach. 

Forms or Sparring, Kizuna Karate has you covered with extensive knowledge of the WKF Olympic standard rules. No matter your age, ability, or experience we will work with you to achieve your goals.



Strong foundations building stronger character

Kizuna Karate upholds a strong lineage of karate originating from Okinawa, Japan, the birthplace of karate.

"Kizuna" directly translates to "making strong bonds between people, family, and friends." And that's just what we do! The family here at Kizuna offer a welcoming and supportive atmosphere anyone looking to upgrade their character, physique, and talent through karate!

Come meet the club, get your sweat on and have fun while doing it! Take a look at the grading syllabus below to get a taste of all the wonderful things will learn in pursuit of the ultimate black belt!

Karate Black Belt

Dojo Kun

Seek perfection of character
Be faithful
Respect others
Refrain from violent behaviour



Drop us a line, come and try a free class! Be careful though, you're going to love it!

Elbow Valley Residents Club
100 Misty Morning Dr
Calgary AB
T3Z 2Z7

CRCA Studio #2 (Upstairs)
201 West Chestermere Drive,
Chestermere AB

T1X 1B2

322 Whitmey Cres
Calgary AB
T2J 1E8


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