Here at Kizuna we recognize that it can be extremely hard to find ways to get the whole family moving without breaking the bank. Which is why we have made it easy for all sizes of families to get what they need without having to pick between karate and bills.

$50/month for 1 house hold 


Looking to take your karate to the next level with some 1-on-1 mentoring? Traditional or sport, these classes are used to pin point exactly what you need to succeed. With clear and individualized training plans and student tracking, you'll be well on your way to reaching your personal goals!

$20/hr sold in bundles of 5 sessions


Make connections, friends, and become apart of our dojo family! Here we cover all aspects of karate, sport, traditional, mental, physical, and fun! Anyone ages 4+ would love these classes and will help with making sure our kids stay socialized in a safe and controlled environment. Included In the monthly house hold membership!


Want to stay in shape during the shut down? Feeling all your social butterflies slowly disappearing? Maybe gain some new skills while your at it? We offer exclusive fun classes for just us big kids. Learn self defense, and work on that six pack you've been wanting for years now. It's also a great opportunity to meet new people and expand your social circle! Included in the monthly house hold membership!


Here at Kizuna we like to say "There are only two things you need to practice karate; an open space and gym clothes! So while hockey families are spending hundreds every year on new gear, you can smile and enjoy the savings karate will provide!

However, we do encourage beginners to purchase and train in a traditional karate gi. Don't worry though we've got the hook up! Messages us for a coupon code and we will ship it right to your door!

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